Composite Replacement Window

CompositWood, the next generation of windows, is a revolutionary material blended with timeless design that surpasses the ambitions of even the most well known window manufacturers.

What is CompositWood?

CompositWood is made from a proprietary mix of specialty polymer and acrylic resins, creating an “engineered composite”, super tough, solid core material. A permanent color surface technology called “SuperCap™” is fused to the core materials during the extrusion process.

CompositWood is simply the best window you can buy. It provides the warmth of a finely milled wood window without the problems associated with wood.

Why CompositWood?

Nothing defines a home like the elegance and warmth of wood windows, but the maintenance problems and expenses associated with wood are simply overwhelming.

Metal and vinyl clad wood windows were only partial solutions. In the industry-wide pursuit of window excellence, CompositWood is the answer.

  • Classic wood window designed frame and sash for added curb appeal
  • Solid core frame and sash for superior thermal performance
  • True sloped sill for fast water run-off and easy cleaning
  • Draftblocker™ off-set compression sash design for air-tight seal and added security.
  • Light Lift™ SP (Superior Performance) balances for easy operation
  • Integral off-set balance pockets and multiple weather-strip paths to reduce air infiltration
  • Tripled-secured sash & frame corners: mortise & tenon joined chemically or fusion-welded frame and sash, stainless-steel screw fastened
  • Tilt in sashes for easy cleaning from inside your home

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